None of the accomplishments of the Lazarus Project would be possible without the teamwork and expertise of the project's collaborators.

The Lazarus Project collaborators are a diverse group of scholars, scientists, and people in industry drawn from many disciplines. They play various supporting roles in recovery projects depending on their skill set.

Among the humanists, the paleographers and codicologists provide expert advice to scholars involved in reading manuscripts, while heraldry experts aid in identifying the coats of arms that often adorn objects.

Historians, archeologists, and historians of cartography aid with locating and deciphering unusual artifacts.

Senior scholars who have broad contacts with museums and collections throughout the world help us gain access to manuscripts, maps, and cultural heritage objects.

Material scientists with expertise in x-ray fluorescence (XRF), Raman spectroscopy, polarized light microscopy, and sample collection advise on the chemistry of inks, pigments, and substrates, supporting the work of humanists in the identification and provenance of objects.

Technical photographers and optical engineers help build and deploy new imaging equipment and portable supports for that equipment.

Imaging scientists help both with image processing and with the development of new methods and algorithms for image processing.

Founding Members

Gregory Heyworth

Director, Lazarus Project

Associate Professor of English, History and Computer Science,
University of Rochester

email: gregory.heyworth@rochester.edu

Michael Phelps

Executive Director, Early Manuscript Electronic Library

email: mphelps@emelibrary.org

Ken Boydston

Photographer & CEO, Megavision

email: boulderhaven@yahoo.com

Roger Easton, Jr., Ph.D.

Professor of Imaging Science, Rochester Institute of Technology

Chester F. Carlson Center for Imaging Technology,
Rochester Institute of Technology

email: easton@cis.rit.edu

Chet Van Duzer

Author & Cartographic Historian

Researcher in Residence, John Carter Brown Library, Providence, RI

email: chet.van.duzer@gmail.com


Active Lazarus Ph.D. Candidates

Catherine Albers-Morris

Program Coordinator

Ph.D., University of Rochester

email: calbers@ur.rochester.edu

Alexander J. Zawacki

Program Coordinator

Ph.D. candidate, University of Rochester

email: alexander.zawacki@gmail.com


Lazarus Lab Staff

Kathy Kingsley

Program Assistant, Lazarus Project

University of Rochester Department of English

email: kathy.kingsley@rochester.edu


Contributing Scholars

Sarah Baribeau

Brian Cook, Ph.D.

Auburn University

Auburn, AL

Multilingual medieval British literature, classical and medieval education, vernacular literacy, environmental and animal mnemonics, and media technologies

email: bsc0028@auburn.edu

Helen Davies

University of Colorado

Colorado Springs, CO

Multispectral imaging and mapping resources

email: hdavies@uccs.edu

Ilya Dines, Ph.D.

Library of Congress

Washington D.C.

Codicology, palaeography, iconography, history of the book, bestiaries

email: ilyamdemontibus@gmail.com

Kyle Ann Huskin

Center for the Study of Manuscript Cultures, Universität Hamburg

Hamburg, Germany

Image processing

email: kyle.huskin@gmail.com

Julia Josfeld

email: julia@josfeld.de

Timoty Leonardi, M.Phil.

Fondazione Biblioteca Capitolare di Verona

Verona, Italy

Manuscript and incunabula conservation, bookbindings, paper, enamels, metalwork

email: timoty.leonardi@bibliotecacapitolare.it

Jessica Rogers

email: jessicaRogers12@gmail.com

Sverre Tidemand

Adrian S. Wisnicki, Ph.D.

University of Nebraska

Lincoln, NE

Digital humanities, Victorian literature, postcolonial studies, and African studies

email: awisnicki2@unl.edu

Kevin Wittman

Ph.D. Candidate

Universidad de La Laguna

Tenerife, Spain

email: krodrigw@ull.edu.es


Contributing Scientists

Joseph G. Barabe, BA

Barabe & Associates LLC

Oak Park, IL

Forensic science, microscopy, material analysis of art and manuscripts

email: jgbarabe@gmail.com

Damian Kasotakis


Keith Knox, Ph.D.

Airforce Research Labs (retired)

Maui, HI

Imaging processing, optics

Ira Rabin, Ph.D.

Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung

University of Hamburg

Berlin/Hamburg, Germany

Imaging science, material science of manuscripts and inks, x-ray fluorescence (XRF), IR spectroscopy

email: ira.rabin@bam.de