Joseph G. Barabe

Research Microscopist in art and manuscript materials analysis, The Lazarus Project


Joseph is semi-retired from McCrone Associates in Westmont, IL, served for 24 years as Senior Research Microscopist and Director of Scientific Imaging.

Joseph studied analytical microscopy under Dr. Walter C. McCrone, and chemistry under Professor Bill Mikuska at Triton College. His best known projects include the photomacrography of the Zapruder film of the John F. Kennedy assassination, the analysis of the Voynich Manuscript for Yale University, the analysis of the ink on the Gospel of Judas for National Geographic, the analysis of the Archaic Mark forgery for the University of Chicago, and the Clementine Hunter forgeries for the FBI art crimes section.

In addition to consulting in art materials and documents analysis, Joseph teaches workshops in pigment identification, printing process identification, and photomacrography / photomicrography at the Hooke College of Applied Science in Westmont, IL, a McCrone Group affiliate.          [ more contributors -> ]