Adrian S. Wisnicki

Consultant, The Lazarus Project | Director of Livingstone Online and the Livingstone Spectral Imaging Project


Adrian (University of Nebraska-Lincoln) is Associate Professor of English, Digital Humanities Program Coordinator, and Faculty Fellow of the Center for Digital Research in the Humanities.

Adrian specializes in the digital humanities, Victorian literature, postcolonial studies, and African studies. His print publications include Fieldwork of Empire: Intercultural Dynamics in the Production of British Expeditionary Literature (Routledge, 2019); Conspiracy, Revolution, and Terrorism from Victorian Fiction to the Modern Novel (Routledge, 2008); articles in journals such as Victorian Studies, Studies in Travel Writing, History in Africa, and Scottish Geographical Journal; and a co-authored essay in the Debates in the Digital Humanities book series (2019).

Adrian has also directed a series of peer-reviewed digital projects, including Livingstone Online (new version,first edition, 2016; second edition 2017); multispectral critical editions of David Livingstone’s 1870 and 1871 Field Diaries (2011 and 2017, respectively); and a critical edition of Livingstone’s Manuscripts in South Africa (2018).

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Timoty Leonardi, Consultant with the Lazarus Project

Adrian S. Wisnicki,
Director of Livingston Online

email: awisnicki2@unl.edu